Pizza Pizza!

A couple of weekends ago I was invited to PizzaExpress for a mini blogger meet and great.  I packed Squidge up in the car, programed my TomTom and hit the road.  The meet up was in Preston and we arrived with time to spare.  I struggled to find parking but finally found something, searched for money for the meter and realized I didn’t have any change.  I asked someone if they had change for a £5, she didn’t but she gave me 50p.  Great! I thanked her and headed to meet the other bloggers thinking I had an hour on the meter.  I didn’t, I had 30 minutes and when I came out to feed the meter a £50 was waiting for me- joy!

Ok so back to the reason I went to Preston- FREE PIZZA!!! I had only ever been to PizzaExpress once before, dinner for a friend who was moving to Wales.  When I arrived Sandy of Baby Baby was already there.  We decided to wait a bit until the others arrived. Good think too as we didn’t see the waitress again for a good 30 minutes.  Once everyone arrived we caught the waitresses attention and ordered our meal.  PizzaExpress has a nice kids menu but I was surprised when the meal arrived- very kid unfriendly.  My main gripe was that the drinks were adult sized and in very trendy glass cups.  I was thinking greasy pizza and tall skinny glass of juice.  I spent a lot of time watching out to make sure she didn’t have an accident.  So now that I have my gripes out of the way I can concentrate on the good bits.  The food was YUMMY!!  I love a good thin crust pizza a PizzaExpress delivered on that front.  I didn’t try the new Leggera just because I don’t eat salad at restaurants unless its a chicken ceasar salad- I know I’m weird!! I’m usually disappointed w/ restaurant food but I am happy to report that I left very satisfied.

I had a fantastic time meeting the other bloggers.  Sally from Who’s the Mummy and her daughter Flea and Sandy from Baby Baby and her son Presley are really nice and friendly.  I also met Yummy Mammy who was excited to share her good news- ex-husband had agreed to let her daughter move to England.  So it was a bit of a celebration too.

Overall I enjoyed PizzaExpress, all they need to do is sort the kids drinks and have more staff on for lunch!  Thanks Sandy for organizing it and PizzaExpress for the fab pizza!


  1. October 17, 2009 /

    Oh what a shame I was too pregnant to come! Preston is fairly close to me, yes, parking is a nightmare, poor you x

    • Lindy
      October 20, 2009 /

      next time! We’re planning a BMB meet up in Manchester next month so hopefully you can make that one.

  2. October 21, 2009 /

    It was a pleasure to organise and a pleasure to meet you and Squidge. Shame about the service and the parking!!