the one where you are what you eat.

Yesterday I watched Dispatches on Channel 4.  The program was about what is in your breakfast, but it also went into product labeling and how misleading they are.  To say that I was shocked by the program would be an understatement.  As a stay at home mom we live a very 1950’s life, or so I like to think!  I cook all our meals from scratch (or almost from scratch), I clean *coughbullshit* and take care of Squidge. Wal works and brings home the bacon.  I would like to say he always  has a freshly laundered and iron shirt each morning but that would be a total lie! I’m working out again after 4 yrs and hopefully setting a good example for Squidge.  I try to make healthy food choices and try to limit the amount of sugar we all consume.  I do give Squidge treats but I like to believe that the only sugar she is getting is from the chocolate button I’m giving her and not from her Cheerios! Yesterdays program just brought home to me the need to be vigilant.  I don’t want to set Squidge up to make bad choices. We eat a lot of fruit and veg and I want to keep it that way.  I think the part of the program that concerned me the most was the Heart UK labeling and the Omega 3 labeling.  I didn’t know that the omega 3 in margarine is from plants and not fish.  Did you know that it is only Omega 3 from fish that is beneficial to your brain?!?!  Are you swayed by the Omega 3 label on the package when you purchase your margarine?  We’re a split family here, I use butter and Wal uses margarine as he feels it is better than butter.  I have always maintained that butter is a more natural and therefor healthier option.  After finding out that the healthy claims on the packaging may or may not be total and complete fabrications, £25k and I can get one of those labels stuck on my fat ass,  I am even more certain of my choice.  I will no longer be buying margarine for Wal he’s just going to have to suck it up and use butter!

Now let me switch to cakes.  I was born and raised in the US.  I think I mentioned before that I never baked a cake from scratch until I moved here.  I LOVED Betty Crocker and  didn’t know what to do when I moved here.  Baking here is soo different, everything needs to be weighed on a scale and I had never done that before.  In the US butter comes in sticks and recipes that use butter use sticks not grams.  I didn’t know how many grams in a stick and I had to turn to the interwebz for help.  Imagine my surprise and joy when I went into a Waitrose and found Betty Crocker on the shelves!  Oh i could go back to adding oil and an egg and calling it homemade!  I didn’t buy any BC mix as I didn’t need any, but let me tell you the first time I did I hightailed it back to Waitrose and clutched my box of cake mix lovingly in my arms.  I got home, made my cake and waiting impatiently for it to bake and cool.  I frosted it with some Betty Crocker frosting and took a big forkful- nom nom BLECH!!! Oh interwebz I have been corrupted!!  Betty Crocker cake mixes are awful!!  Ooooh the horror!  LOL, I have found that I much prefer my from scratch chocolate cake. How could this have happened?!?!?  After 4+ years of living in a Betty Crockerless society and surviving nicely, thank you very much,  I’ve noticed that I can now find Betty Crocker mixes in more and more shops, this makes me sad. I also heard that all you can eat buffet restaurants are taking hold here.  Ooooh of the one thing to be exported from the US to my adopted country why all you can eat buffets?!?!  Nothing good can come of it.  They’re nasty vile disgusting placing, troughs to overfeed the masses!

I think that being a SAHM I have more time and freedom to cook from scratch but also think that with a  little foresight and planning anyone can have a nice home cooked meal.  Spend a few hours and cook and freeze for the coming week.  We need to spend a little less time in from of the tv/computer/xbox and take care of ourselves, the Betty Crockers of the world are not going to do it for us. If we don’t the future will not be pretty.


  1. October 27, 2009 /

    We mostly cook from scratch too and I hate cake mixes. It is dead easy to make a sponge cake! Even a banana cake is quite simple.
    Cereal is banned from our house as I couldn’t find one that I was happy giving to my 2. They are mostly full of sugar and salt and all sorts of other crap. I wrote a post about it a while ago –

    • Lindy
      October 27, 2009 /

      I’ve been struggling trying to find a breakfast cereal too! I don’t know why I decided she needed to eat something other than porridge! LOL like I was denying her something- after watching the program they have gone in the bin and we’re all back to eating porridge!

  2. Mancais
    October 27, 2009 /

    I’m a big fan of cooking from scratch. I like to know what I’m eating.
    Unfortunately, I also always have at least one ready meal in the freezer for those times I just can’t be bothered or I’ve spotted a bargain on the cheap table/chiller/oops stand.

  3. October 27, 2009 /

    Since I’m not working I cook a lot of homemade meals. It’s just nice knowing what all goes into your food. I’m not fanatic in any sense, but I actually felt bad for my friend who bought a ready-made lasagna meal from M&S to serve to her husband. It’s not that hard to make! Really! I totally feel your pain on Betty Crocker. For me it was the brownies. I used to love the brownies, but now I make a recipe of ‘killer brownies’ that my aunt gave me and I’ll never go back to the box stuff.

  4. October 28, 2009 /

    I love love love to cook. I make big meals and break them out into ziplocs or tupperware things and freeze them. There are only 2 of us, so this method can feed us sometimes up to 6 meals or more. I make all my own gravy (spaghetti sauce) from scratch in big batches and freeze them too. Take one out, and we have a dinner! I can’t bake for shit though.

  5. October 29, 2009 /

    I was suprised by the cereals. Luckily their fav is porridge and ready brek, but they do also have shreddies and rice krispies! I am mean though and have always bought shop own brand which was better but I was still shocked at how much sugar is in rice krispies…. They rarely have biscuits or sweets though so I don’t feel too bad….

  6. Loni
    November 2, 2009 /

    LOL, the same thing happened to me when I moved to the UK and went to the grocery store for the first time. I hardly recognized anything and realized that I was going to be deprived of all the ridiculous convenience foods I was used to. I learned a lot about cooking while I was there and I was so grateful for it. Although I never did find a cake recipe I really liked. I would love to get yours if you’re willing to part with it. Oh and I loved your Trash the Dress photo. I did some funky bridal shots some people think they’re weird, but I cherish them.