the one where she’s poorly

Poor Squidge has been under the weather all week.  On Monday night she was running a really high fever (102°-104°) so we both had a pretty restless night.  I decided to keep her home from nursery, I thought sending her would delay her recovery.

So we’ve been sticking pretty close to home all week and are beginning to get cabin fever.  Thankfully on Thursday we’re meeting friends and we’ll both be able to blow off some steam.

I think I forget to mention that Wal got back on Tuesday and someone is over the moon to have her daddy back.

She’s been sticking pretty close and keeps telling me that she loves him the most but she still loves me.  She’s really affectionate and I’m really enjoying it.  She randomly throughout the day will come up and pat my leg/arm and smile at me or give me a hug and kiss.  I love that she’s such a cuddly child and hope it continues for a long long time.


  1. February 19, 2010 /

    poor thing – hope she’s feeling better!

  2. maria
    February 20, 2010 /

    So Glad W is home and hopefully S is getting better. C is like that too lately. Wants a hug/ kiss..hugs me/ leans into me randomly. I thought it was because her dad is gone so much.. It does make my day though..LOVE it!

  3. February 21, 2010 /

    Glad she’s better…horrible when they are sick!