the one with…

you know it’s been a while when you have to go back and read your last post as a reminder.  So what the hell have we been up to?  It’s a whirl of viewings and contacting solicitors and discussing where we want to live.  I’ve been pretty focused on a certain town and we’ve viewed pretty much all there is to see in our price range there.   Wal hates everything we’ve seen and that has been stressful.  After some to and fro I finally figured out that he doesn’t want to live in that area….Okaaaaaay.  I’m also banging my head trying to get him to understand that the style of house he likes, in a good school catchment area in our price range DOES NOT EXIST!! He’s SUCH an only child and one that had been on his own for a very long time that it sometimes takes him a while to realize it’s not all about him.  Main priority is good school catchment area, then cost and then style.  So I’m now looking at an area I was interested in about a year ago.  We viewed one this morning and I love it! It has a nice kitchen and a large open plan living/dining room.  It also has a separate family room, 2 full baths and 3 large bedrooms.  WIN WIN as far as I’m concerned. Oh and did I mention it’s in the catchment area for 2 outstanding schools?   Yah it is and as you might have guessed Wal’s not all that crazy about it- road noise he says.  I say bullshit.  He just doesn’t want to move away from our current location.  I don’t want to pay overly inflated prices just because of the location.  Granted we do live in a really nice area but all the other areas we’re looking at are also nice.  They’re just not in south Manchester, they’re more suburban.  So that’s were we are at the moment.  Our buyer is really nice and she isn’t in any rush to move so that gives us a couple more weeks to figure something out.  In the mean time it was 2 viewings today, 1 on Friday and 5 for Saturday. Oh and that noise you hear is my head banging against a wall. Send love, prayers, good vibes, luck and ££!

Here’s a little cutie patootie I photographed last week.


  1. April 1, 2010 /

    I am so sorry I am sat here laughing at you… I can’t believe you have now changed location again lol!! Good job your buyer isn’t in a hurry and you got a good school if you haven’t decided by Sept lol!!!!!

    • Lindy
      April 1, 2010 /

      as I said before we’re not committed to any one area! I think it would be easier if we were! We looked at everything we could afford and we couldn’t agree so move on to the next location. Eventually we’ll end up somewhere we both like.

  2. Mancais
    April 1, 2010 /

    All those viewings – I’d be all housed out by now. Hope you find something soon.
    Baby is jolly nice.

    • Lindy
      April 2, 2010 /

      Sarah we have 4 viewings on Sat- Poynton, Didsbury and Cheadle Hulme! I might need a stiff drink once we’re done!

  3. maria
    April 9, 2010 /

    no milk theives i hope,,,