the one with the missing choccies

On Sunday morning I woke up early.  It was Easter Sunday and a certain little girl expected a certain bunny to have visited while she was sleeping.  I put on my slippers and a cardi, didn’t bother to brush my hair (sorry neighbors) and proceeded to dot our back garden w/ piles of chocolate bunnies and chocolate lollies.  I had forgotten to got those plastic eggs to put the chocolate- mummy fail!  I thought it looked pretty good, I stuck the chocolate lollies in a bluebell patch we have – mummy win!  Fast forward an hour and Squidge and I head outside.  I look around in dismay as ALL MY CHOCOLATE WAS GONE!!!  Well almost all of it.  Choccies w/ the bluebells??? GONE! Choccies in the strawberry pot?? GONE!! Choccies by the path?? GONE!!!  Thank god there were still a couple of them left or it would have gotten ugly.

Wal thinks it was a wild animal- squirrel or a fox.  I think it was some scum sucking bastard because that’s just the kind of neighborhood I live in!  Remember my stolen milk?? Or how about the kid that comes around claiming to be raising money from charity or another?  Did I never tell you about him?? Will have to in another post.  Back to Chocciegate 2010.  Yesterday afternoon I put out a chocolate lolly in the bluebell patch again and have been monitoring it.  As of this moment (yes I just checked) it’s still out there.  That’s 24 hrs out there.  Now it was either some rat bastard who went through peoples gardens looking for chocolate (sad bastard) or the squirrels.  Now I haven’t seen a squirrel all day so maybe it was them and the guilty ones are all dead and the others are staying away from the GARDEN O’ DEATH!

Happy Easter!


  1. April 6, 2010 /

    It’s the milk thief!!!!!! Glad it didn’t ruin her day though….. Loving the co-ordinating coat and basket!!!

    • Lindy
      April 7, 2010 /

      Ha! The milk thief is back and now he’s stealing chocolate!

  2. maria
    April 9, 2010 /

    just knew it was the rght day..too lazy to come back.. Knob head!!