The one where it’s all about the house

We did it! We finally completed on our house on Monday the 26th!  We’re still surrounded by boxes and have so much to do I sometimes get a bit panicky.  The overriding feeling I have is happiness.  I LOVE my house.  I love every stinky, badly painted and wonky bit of it.  I love it because it is more than big enough for us.  I love it because I am going to strip, sand, paint and polish every inch of this place.  We really got stuck into it today, after living with smelly carpets for 2 weeks I had enough!  We pulled up the carpets in Squidge’s room, the office, upstairs and downstairs hallway, stairs and the kitchen/morningroom.  What a transformation doing that has made to the place.  It looks completely shambolic and I couldn’t be happier!  So lets get down to the nitty gritty… photos!

"morning room looking towards the kitchen. Have removed the icky lino and this rug is coming out too!


back to bare floorboards. So much better than the awful smelly carpet.

The kitchen needs to be completely gutted.  We are thinking of knocking through the fireplace (on the right) and into the dining room to make a large kitchen diner.  If we do that we will put up a wall in the last third of the kitchen to make a utility room.  I think this is the best option although, of course it’s the most expensive.


The office and the carpet of death!

The thing was disintegrating, we had to wrap it in plastic bags and tape it together just to get it out of the house.  If we come down with some mystery illness it will be because of this thing.  The pile of yellow dust you see there is the backing of the rug.


built-in wardrobes

All of the built-in wardrobes are coming out. Also coming down is the weird plastic covered headboard w/ bare florescent bulb over it and the shelf/tables on either side of it- weirdness!  I’m hoping to knock all of these out this week. I’d like to have this room, hallway, and Squidge’s bedroom ready for the floor to be sanded and stained while we’re away.


office fireplace: before


Office fireplace: after

By far the funnest thing I’ve done so far was cracking this baby open!  I was a bit disappointed they partially bricked in the original but I think it’s easily fixed.  Oh and what you also can’t really see from the photo is the dead bird in that pile of ash.  Expecting to find many more critters in the other 4 fireplaces- happy times!


Stairs: after

I thought I had a before photo but apparently I was wrong.  Looking forward to stripping these back to bare wood, sanding and staining the risers and painting the treads white.


heat gun

scrape. scrape. scrape.

Wal showing me how it’s done!  I’ll be doing a lot of this in the next few months! Please notice the craptastic pain job on the banister- it looks like someone took a brush and just went from top of the stairs to the bottom in one huge stroke and then decided they had done enough.  It’s really gross to touch and looking forward to getting rid of it.  Also not shown is the elderly stair railing and wall railings.

I have the hallways to show you but I’m tired! I had BMF this morning then it was work work work and now it’s 1 am! I hope you all enjoyed a little peak into my little house.  I’m thinking the focus of this blog will change for the next little while.  I’m hoping my photos improve along with the house- it’s not easy taking decent photos.  I’m thinking a nice wide lens needs to be purchased- I know it’ll be hell having to buy another camera lens 😉



  1. August 9, 2010 /

    Congrats on the new house! I lurve DIY! I can’t wait to see all the transformations!

  2. August 10, 2010 /

    Your floorboards are in such good condition, its going to look great! Shame you didn’t find the original fireplaces behind the boarding, but you can pick those up. I do not envy all that paint stripping..but it will be worth it.

  3. Sarah
    August 11, 2010 /

    Congratulations on the house, I know it’s been a long time coming for you. And you’re right – now you have the new house you really must get a nice wide angle lens so you can get some really snazzy before and after photos of the rooms!

  4. Mancais
    August 23, 2010 /

    That’s a project and a half! Love the shot of the stairs where you can see the previous paint jobs.