The one with the bear!

So how was our first week at our new school?? Well Squidge settled in very very well.  I was a bit worried as she was super quiet but I really shouldn’t have- she was a star.

Literally- Star of the week!  To say we’re proud of her would be an understatement! Along with this fancy dancy certificate she came home with Golden Bear.  Golden bear was to spend the weekend (actually until Wednesday) with us and we were to document all the fun things we did together.  So Squidge and Golden Bear went to her skiing lessons.

Squidge also went to a birthday party and of course Golden Bear went along for the fun. Squidge ate loads and loads of cake, did lots of running around, dancing and playing pass the parcel.

A pretty good weekend for Golden Bear I think.  Last night Squidge and I wrote in Golden Bear’s diary about all the fun things we did and this morning we took him back to school.  So it’s safe to say she is enjoying her time at New School.  Today is Wednesday so will be going for a walk- Welly Walk Wednesday. There is a fantastic field adjoining the school grounds, with trees, willow teepee, willow arches with plants growing up around them and a little stone path.  It’s a fantastic place and they go out there “looking” for things.  Last week during WWW they went out looking for shapes- fun times.

How are your kids settling in?


  1. maria
    September 29, 2010 /

    Adorable!! Does she go by Squidgyboo in the real world as well? glad things are working out so well..

    • Lindy
      September 29, 2010 /

      LOL Maria! No that’s just a little bit of Photoshop magic! I also erased the school name from the certificate- didn’t really want to give the interwebz her full name and name of her school- not that I don’t trust the interwebz!!

  2. Mancais
    October 5, 2010 /

    Well done Squdge on getting an award! Looks like Golden Bear got out and about a fair bit.