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Meet Nancy

We went for a walk this afternoon to Bollington near Macclesfield.  The weather this weekend was beautiful- better than the weather we had all of July and most of August. I know you’re all sad for me because I had a crappy summer.  This walk was classified as easy and should have taken us about 2 hours.  When you’re walking with a 4 yr old you always need to double to time.  We also stopped for coffee and scones (me), cake and juice (Squidge), and tea (Wal) so that added another 30+ minutes to our walk.  It was fantabulous.  We walked in the sun with blue skies and just a little wind.  Well until we got to the top of the hill with White Nancy- whoooo jeeebus is was window.  We took one of our self-timer family pics and my camera (which is flipping heavy) was almost knocked over by the strong wind.  I bet you want to see the photo of us- well you’re not going to!  It has to be the single most unattractive photos of the three of us I have ever taken!!  Even Squidge looks bad- now that takes some talent! I’ll show you this photo instead- purdy innit!?  I think that’s Manchester waaaaay over there, but I could be wrong.

We did do some DIY this weekend too.  The back bedroom just needs the wallpaper in the ceiling removed. I know, who the hell wallpapers the ceiling- Brits that’s who!  Anyway I need to buy a platform so that I can get up high enough to reach the ceilings.  When we viewed the house I thought “oooooh 9 ft ceilings!!” Now I’m thinking “damn 9 ft ceiling!!”.  All of the rooms in the house have wallpapered ceilings so I’ll get loads of use out of the platform.  Hopefully will have it by next weekend. In the meantime I’m filling holes.  The fun never stops!


  1. Jo Beaufoix
    October 10, 2010 /

    Awww she’s grown so much, what a cutey. The house sounds fab, even with the wall papered ceilings and that looks like one gorgeous walk hon.

  2. October 12, 2010 /

    That walk looks lovely, I’ve never been there… Insane Brits also tile their ceilings…now that is a royal PITA!!!!! Hope your paper comes down easily

    • Lindy
      October 13, 2010 /

      god you just reminded me that I have styrofoam tiles in Squidge’s bedroom and the bathrooms!!

  3. October 13, 2010 /

    Yes it was the foam tiles we had. Massive massive fire hazard we were told by the electrician to remove them immediately!!!!!!!! Good luck they are truely awful!