the one with the picking of the pumpkins!

Every year around mid October I start researching pumpkin picking in Cheshire.  Every year I get my hopes up only for them to be cruelly dashed.  This year my hopes were up and happily the new farm we found was fantastic!  The pumpkin patch was nice and full (even if some of the pumpkins were a little past their prime), there was a bouncy castle and loads of crafts for the kids.  I got there on time even with a quick dash to the cash machine when my friend called to say she was running late.  I have my sat-nav to thank for that. Before I bought it I was always lost and running late.  Now I know where I’m going and how long it’s going to take me.  Such a relief to not worry the entire time I’m driving that I don’t know where I’m going or worry that I’m going to make a wrong turn!  Even when I do make a wrong turn my sat-nav adjust and reroutes me!!  OK back to the pumpkins.  My friends little boy was feeling a little grumpy and didn’t want to walk to the pumpkin patch.  Poor Byrney had to carry him and was covered in mud!!  It’s been raining a lot here lately so the field was pretty muddy. Still loads of fun squelching in the mud!  Once we worked our way around the maize maze we found ourselves in a pretty field full of pumpkins.

The pumpkin patch was big and the kids had a good time trying to find the perfect one.  Although N was more fascinated by the squishy rotten ones and kept calling him mom over to have a look.  LOL it was pretty funny.  Squidge at first was  a little put off by the mud that covered some of them.  I just wiped some of the mud off and then she was fine.  We got two and they’re in the kitchen waiting to be carved into Jack-O-Lanterns!

After the pumpkin picking it was time for lunch and the bouncy castle.  The bouncy castle was of course a big hit- especially since it only cost 1£ and the kids could stay on as long as they liked.  They were also allowed to come back on again as long as it wasn’t too busy.  Thankfully it wasn’t too busy so the loosey goosey policy they had worked fine.  Squidge had her fill of colouring and crafting.  All and all it was a fun day.  I hope Byrney enjoyed herself and will be willing to join me again next year as I keep searching for the best pumpkin patch this side of the Atlantic.  Next year I’m hoping to find somewhere that does hay rides!!


  1. mariel
    October 29, 2010 /

    I’m having an awful day at work…and this post made my day! She is getting so big Lindy and the pictures are beautiful. Thanks for the post and bringing a little happiness to my day! Cant wait to see you guys!!

  2. maria
    October 30, 2010 /

    looks amazing!! Glad it worked out and seems is at the ‘bouncy castle is the ebst thing ever!!’ age.. It is always a huge hit so lucky you if you had unlimited time.. Hope you have just as much fun carving!! Great pics as always

  3. November 2, 2010 /

    looks like fun! i love the little witch hat.