Halloween 2010

It’s during Halloween that I miss being in the US the most.  Although some Brits do Halloween most don’t.  Most Brits in fact HATE Halloween and I’m bombarded by snippy little comments.  I try not to take them to heart as it is more of a big deal in the US.  I can understand how them feel, still because of this I miss it.  I’m sad that Squidge will never experience the thrill of setting off on a chilly October night with an empty bag and return home a couple of hours later barely able to carry the bag stuffed with treats.  The vibe of being outside with almost the entire neighborhood all chatting and laughing and enjoying the community spirit of it.  The expectation and excitement of deciding what to be for Halloween.  Here everyone is dressed as something Halloweeny- witch, ghost, vampire, warewolf… you get the picture.  I always forget this and Squidge usually ends of being the only puppy, ladybug/bird, princess amongst the ghoulies!  Ah well maybe next year I’ll remember and dress her as the natives do!  Anyhoo enough of my whinging and on to what we did do in preparation for Halloween.

After picking the perfect pumpkin we had to carve it into a jack o’lantern.  Squidge was not too keen…

It was all I could do to get her to stick around to take a picture. 

I think the end result was pretty good and I hoped it would attract** a few ghoulies to our front door.

On Saturday we went to the neighboring village for a little Halloween party at the park.  As I showed off Squidge’s outfit to dad I was reminded that she should be dressed in something halloweenie- DOH! Too late to change now so off we went.  I don’t think it’s a big deal at the moment but think next year peer pressure will hit and she won’t want to be dressed differently! Ah well she was beautiful and had a fantastic time.

She had her face painted, ate loads of sweeties and in general had a fab time- what more could you ask for.  I think her most favoritist part was the spook walk where you had to find a series of pictures and write them on a list.  A sweetie was the prize- score!  We went with our good friends and the two girls had a fantastic time.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!

** we didn’t get a single trick or treater! We also didn’t go trick or treating ourselves as I didn’t know who was into it and who wasn’t!  Next year I’m just going to say f&%k it and knock on doors!!


  1. maria
    November 4, 2010 /

    she looks GORGEEEEOUS!! As you probably know all the girls here want to be the ‘pretty’ stuff.. I do like your pumpkin as well. Not old school at all.. 🙂 I agree.. halloween just can’t be teh same as it is here and after hearing all the scare stories about the razor blades in candy..blah blah. i was soo happy to see loads of kids and loads of houses participating. I thought it had died out..

    • Lindy
      November 4, 2010 /

      I’m so jealous of your American Halloween!

  2. November 4, 2010 /

    I think she looks adorable! I like that she’s not scary. It’s boring to see everyone as a witch, zombie, or ghost. You’re right though, Halloween in the UK is a total buzzkill. Halloween actually started in Ireland, so business are all decorated, all the kids dress up and they go trick or treating. My husband remembers doing it as a kid. So it’s not like it’s some crazy new American holiday.

    • Lindy
      November 4, 2010 /

      hmmm maybe I need to visit Ireland for Halloween next year!

  3. November 4, 2010 /

    We had a good time at the party too! I can’t believe you didn’t go trick or treating..I also can’t believe no-one came to you!! I don’t go trick or treating..can’t get it out of my head it is like begging…but I can totally see why people do go. She looked great as a princess, I bet by next yr we’ll have caught up and be other things…and if not she’ll just be ahead of the game lol!

    • Lindy
      November 4, 2010 /

      I was soo sad no one came by. Honestly I think it’s a class thing. The nastier the neighborhood the more trick or treaters! LOL I’m only saying this because earlier in the day we went for a long walk and ended up in a nasty estate and it was JAM PACKED with people trick or treating! Oh and their moms in jammies shouting at them from the front gardens!

  4. November 4, 2010 /

    YES! Completely agree with that (in the UK anyway!!) which is prob why us Brits have no affection for it…we had loads by the old house but totally ungrateful for the sweets…and way to keen to shove a firework through your door if you refused anything!! Old woman next to us used to be scared to death of them and taped her letterbox up!!!!!

  5. Jordan
    November 6, 2010 /

    I too wish Halloween was more of an event here in the UK. Although, I do remember Halloween being super fantastic when I was a kid! Me & my brother would make costumes out of bin liners by cutting a hole for our head in the bottom of the bag, and then holes either side for our arms! (yes, as you can tell we we’re a little short of money :D) Still, we loved it. And we came back with bags, heaving with sweets, 2p’s & sometimes fruit. As you can see, not everyone was prepared for Halloween but would dig something out anyway 🙂

    It sure is a shame that my 2 boys will probably never experience Halloween as I have. Times have changed I guess! Nowadays, people are too afraid to open their doors when it gets dark, such a pity…..

    By the way, you’re Pumpkin looks awesome!