the one with the caaaaahrazy thoughts

Sometimes when I’m home all alone I think some pretty crazy thoughts.  I used to have these thoughts when I lived alone in South Carolina.  If I died over the weekend how long would it take before my body was discovered??  It was not uncommon for me to get home on a Friday afternoon and not see or speak to another soul until I went back to work on Monday morning- sad but true.  The other day I was walking down the stairs and my foot slipped off the step.  I grabbed onto the banister and caught myself before I fell.  As this was happening I thought to myself what if I fell down the stairs and died.  This got me thinking in a more general way about what would happen if I died.  Wal is away until the end of the week.  Squidge is at school.  I could be at the bottom of the stairs until someone came looking for me.  The only thing is, who would?  The school would try my mobile and I wouldn’t answer (I’m dead at the bottom of the stairs remember!) They would then try Wal but he’s out of the country.  He’d try my mobile and then he would try the home phone. Who else would he call?  Who would find my dead body at the bottom of the stairs??  What if Wal and I get into a car accident and both die while Squidge is at school?  We don’t have a third emergency contact so they wouldn’t have anyone else to call.  Squidge would end up in Social Services.  It scares me half to death thinking of these things.  I guess what I’m saying is I need to get off my ass get get a will written up.  Would I want Squidge raised in the UK by her English Godparents?  Would I want to send her to America to be raised  by my sister (the best damn mama I know!)?  I guess Wal and I need to sit down and sort all this out.  All this from a little inconsequential slip on the stairs.

Do you have thoughts that lead you down crazy (or not) paths??  Have you written your will already?  Please tell me I’m not the only weirdo out there!


  1. byrney
    November 10, 2010 /

    You can put me down as your emergency contact for school 🙂
    But yeah who would simon call if he was away…feel free to give him my number.
    No offence but no way to the in-laws….if you both go your sis sounds like the perfect option….get a will written. Your situation is fairly complicated so you def def need one pronto!

  2. maria
    November 10, 2010 /

    Oh my Gosh!! I have been trying to chase this up in my own life as well!! I want my sister to have C if we died but she never can ‘get back to me’ becuase she hasn’t talked to husband about it.. They probably pshaw it away so if she doesn’t get back to me I have to go with option 2. I have even talked to my mom about it and if not my sis than C’s Godmom who is not family but would still keep in touch with her etc. I SSOO get you girl.. I have these not so ‘crazy’ thoughts as well..

  3. November 11, 2010 /

    Dude, I have those crazy thoughts about my CAT! You’re definitely not alone! When I lived alone I would think about that kind of stuff more often, particularly if I nearly choked on my dinner or something. Definitely get a will sorted out soon. If something happens before then she’d go to the State and no one wants that.