The one where I go into hibernation

It’s been cold.  I mean really really really cold around here.  Last year I left my winter coat in the US.  This meant that I spent all of last winter shivering in my spring coat as I couldn’t decide on a coat and then when I got desperate most coats were out of stock.  This year I made sure I got on it right away and let me tell you it wasn’t a moment too soon!  I’ve been toasty warm in my coat but I think I need thermal underwear as my legs are FREEZING right through my jeans in this arctic air we’re experiencing!

Can you tell Squidge was a teensy bit excited about the snow?

We’ve been staying in trying to stay wamr and doing a lot of this…

Is it cold where you are? What are you doing to try to stay warm?


  1. December 7, 2010 /

    I have thermals and I love them, wear them all through winter. Drew even wears a set under his suit now!

    • Lindy
      December 7, 2010 /

      LOL bet he’s toasty warm!