the one where we find a tree

I swear I think I had frostbite as a kid because my fingers and toes and super sensitive to cold.  It doesn’t take much at all before I’m in pain. Wal thinks I’m weird because I start complaining about cold fingers and toes almost as soon as we get outside.  It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, which is usually a couple of pairs of wool socks and my merrell walking/hiking shoes- thick rubber sole that should protect me from the cold a little bit.  Nope, you’d think I was outside in flip flops!  This afternoon we decided to go to Delamere forest to pick our tree.  Squidge put on 4 pairs of cotton socks.  I’d told her to go up stairs and put on loads of socks, so she did! Then a pair of thick wool socks, a pair of leggings, jeans, boots (after we tried her wellies but her feet were too big w/ all the layers), coat, gloves and hat.  I pretty much did the same.  Off we went- all toasty warm in our layers.

We searched and searched and searched for the perfect tree. I wanted a big bushy tree.  After years of having to get the smallest tree possible because we just didn’t have the room I wanted BIG BIGGER BIGGEST!!  Squidge was not happy when I rejected this tree.  She was cold and wanted FOOD and HOT CHOCOLATE and well just wanted to go.

I wasn’t all that happy either as my layers did nothing for me and I was in so much pain from the cold.  So in the end we ended up w/ one that wasn’t as tall as I wanted but it was nice and full and had a good shape. I thought about putting it up on a table but I probably won’t- it’d look cheesy!

We were going to have a hot choccy after we bought the tree but my toes hurt so bad I could hardly walk!  This caused floods of tears (Squidge) and threats to return the tree and cancel Christmas (Me) and pleas for all of us to just calm down (Wal). In the end we left (like we were going to do anything else) w/ promises to go to Costa Coffee, which we did.   I’m looking for battery warmed socks- that would be the best present EVAH!!!!


  1. The Biff
    December 6, 2010 /

    Lindy – Look at Hand Warmers on Amazon. One each kept Janet and Ellie’s hands quite toasty at the German Market in Manchester yesterday. They do feet warmers too.T

    • Lindy
      December 7, 2010 /

      will do- thanks!

  2. December 6, 2010 /

    Your tree looks good. Yeah you’ve got the room you should aim big!!!!

    • Lindy
      December 7, 2010 /

      I had to keep telling Wal that the house could handle a 7ft tree! I was also really disappointed w/ the selection of trees at Delamere forest this year. Hardly any 7ft tree and the ones they did have were pathetic looking. I can’t bring myself to spend £70 on a 8ft tree so we didn’t even look at those! There were no 6ft trees left so we ended up w/ a 5ft. Oh and all the sizes were minimum so the tree we got was closer to 6 ft than 5ft. Poor Es was miserable!! I don’t know if it’s because we went on a weekend where we usually go on a weekday but it was crap! Next yr we’ll try to get there early on a Saturday- might be better selection.