How does my garden grow: sowing

Time for another How does my garden grown update.  I’ve been slogging away trying to get up the overgrown garden tamed. Squidge and I are also sowing seeds for our veggie garden.  We’re very excited about growing our own vegetables especially Squidge.  Firstly I’ve been working out in the garden.  The weeds are taking over my life and I’m trying to get a handle on it!   It hasn’t been easy let me tell you!  My nemesis is the bracken ferns that have overtaken the garden.  I had thought the blackberry brambles were difficult but at least with them I can cut them back and pull up the roots.  The bracken ferns are hard to pull up. Some of the rhizomes are as big as basketballs, hell I think they’re bigger than basketballs.  They’re HUGE!  I have to remind myself that this is all about the long game, this project is going to take years.  It’s difficult to know that what you’re pulling up is enough, I won’t know until I’ve gone through a couple of growing seasons.  Still I’m doing what I can and hopefully I’ll see some payoff in the end.


As far as our veggies go yesterday was time to sow some seeds.  To say Squidge was excited well that would just be silly she was SOOOO FREAKING EXCITED!!!  We put seeds on the soil, covered them with more soil and labeled each row.  The labeling part was her favorite.  It was my favorite too! Her writing is really coming along and she tried sounding out the words and would ask me if it was correct before writing.  I’d say she was right on the money about 1/2 the time, not bad.


To tell you the truth I’m pretty geeked out over growing our own food. Wal laughs at me when he walks by the computer and sees me drooling over composting bins, greenhouses and cold stores. He won’t be laughing when he’s chomping on some purple carrots and eating fresh peas like popcorn.



  1. March 23, 2011 /

    Wow they look great, I must get my sowing done

    • Lindy
      March 27, 2011 /


  2. Mancais
    March 26, 2011 /

    You’ll be getting an allotment next!

    • Lindy
      March 27, 2011 /

      no way! too much work!