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Manchester Museum-5

Squidge has been studying all about dinosaurs and reptiles at school.  As part of this a trip was arranged to the Manchester Museum to look at there dinosaur exhibit.  To say that Squidge was excited would be an understatement!  Because they would be away from school during lunch we were asked to send them to school w/ a packed lunch.  Squidge is on the school lunches and doesn’t didn’t have a lunch box so we needed to get her one.  I think this was the part of the trip she was most excited about.  Her BFF is on packed lunches as she’s been asking me for months if I can switch her.  Of course I always say no because I’m too lazy to prepare lunch for her every day.  I also think the lunches they serve are perfectly healthy and delicious.  So today was a super extra special treat!  Her teacher asked told us we could stay w/ them for lunch if we wanted to so I stayed.  I am gobsmacked at the amount of food some kids had in there lunch box. One girl had 3 yogurts, bag of crisps, a sandwich, chocolate bar, cookie, drink, cheese and a banana.  Another girl had 3 sandwiches, 2 juices and a big bag of crisps.  Poor Squidge had one crust-less sandwich (cut into 4s), a cookie, some fresh sliced strawberries, an apple, a babybel cheese and her water bottle.  I think it was a well balanced lunch.  I’m not sure if the others were usual packed lunches of like Squidge packed because of the trip.  If they always eat like that- wowser!!  How was your (my)Monday???


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  1. March 7, 2011 /

    I hate doing packups. You see all mums start with the sliced strawberry good intentions but a few bad moments soon roll into 3 yoghurts and a packet of crisps. We all say we will “never be like that mother” but seriously pack lunches are a slippery slope to unheathly. ps my Monday was fairly Avril