Parent and teacher meeting


Squidge had her parent teacher meeting last week.  I was a teeny bit nervous because hello have I ever mentioned she likes to talk? Like all the time, from the moment she wakes up until she goes to sleep and even sometimes in her sleep. She’s just such an eager beaver.  Always the fist in line.  Likes to sit next to the teacher, the party girl or boy.  Wal and I chatted a bit before the meeting and we both agreed that if anything negative was going to be mentioned it would be her chattiness.

We were told she is very clever. Is always eager to join in with activities.  Loves to share information she has learned.  Her reading is coming along well.  She knows all her letters, can blend sounds and recognizes dozens of words.  Her numeracy is good.  They’ve learned all their numbers up to 20 but Squidge knows way more than that.  She can add and subtract, a bit.  Knows her days of the week.  YAY! That she is very chatty. That even though she is very chatty she still manages to listen to everything the teacher says.  Her teacher said it is very frustrating.  Her worst nightmare as a teacher- one that chats but still listens! No surprise there!  Overall is was a very positive meeting and we’re more than pleased with our little chatterbox.  We agreed with her teacher that we needed to get her to stop being so chatty.  So we’re all speaking to her about how it affects others in her class.  That although SHE is listening to the teacher the person she is speaking to might not be able to and they would get into trouble.  This has apparently done the trick as she doesn’t want to get any of her friends into trouble.

All in all we’re very pleased with how she is doing in school.  I’m happy that my confident, independent little girl is allowed to be herself and that she is getting along well with everyone.


  1. Maryann
    April 12, 2011 /

    A www so proud! What the heck to do expect, her godmother was known as “motor mouth”…. She has the demelo banner gene! Love her!

    • Lindy
      April 12, 2011 /

      so that’s who she gets it from!!!

  2. Mancais
    April 13, 2011 /

    That’s a cracking report.

    • Lindy
      April 14, 2011 /

      I was very happy with it- long may it last!!