Yesterday I went to a carboot sale with my friend Victoria.  It was only my second ever carboot experience and I love it!  I took the bus early in the morning to meet her.  The bus schedule was a bit too early for me but I thought I could pop into a coffee shop and wait for her.  Only thing was I had forgotten it was Sunday and EVERYTHING was closed!  Aah well I sat on a bench in the park and enjoyed the sun.  We both found a few bargains and had a good look around.  It’s amazing some of the things people sell.  I saw this huge wooden duck w/ a little lid cut out of hit and a bowl under the lid.  It was weird and I thought to myself (may have even said it to Victoria) wonder who would buy that.  On our way out I saw a man looking very pleased with himself and the duck tucked under his arm.  It takes all kinds and people will buy anything if the price is right.  On our way back we decided to see if there was a short cut. and BOY was it a short cut.  It took us about 15 (maybe 20) minutes to walk to the carboot.  The way back took us maybe 5.  Add about 3 minutes for Victoria to walk to our rendezvous point it was still a win win.  It was a lovely day and it really made me appreciate the beautiful area I have the pleasure to live in. England it ain’t half bad you know.



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    You have som lovely pictures on here, now following 🙂 Hannah x

    • Lindy
      May 5, 2011 /