Fridge of a Bad Parent Meme

I’m joining in on this meme even though I’m convinced I was the original inspiration for it. Sally over at Who’s the Mummy started this hilarious meme and it’s taken off.  I think it speaks to the most basic of blogger instincts.  The fact that we are hugely nosy people so a quick sneaky peak into someone else’s fridge and we’re all over it!


Top Shelf: milk, vlasic pickles, condiments (most of which are over a year old and need to be binned)

2nd Shelf: old wrinkled chili, salad mix, hummus, Rose bubbly, Amontillado Sherry, Palomino Fino Sherry, Vintage English Perry, homemade fig preserve, mayo and dairylea cheese

3rd Shelf: Vintage English Perry, petits filous, coffee beans, pancetta, mayo and ribs.

4th Shelf: Cheshire cheese made by yours truly, more cheese and chorizo (in the drawer)  petits filous, chocolate mouse, carrots, tomatoes and raw chicken.

Left crisper draw: chockablock full of cheese and sliced ham and chicken.

Right crisper draw: leftover bolognese mince (no noodles), juice pouches.



Top Shelf: cranberry sauce, marmalade, mustard and jam

2nd Shelf: butter, cheese and cream cheese

3rd Shelf: frubes, 1/2 a cucumber, sundried tomatoes

4th Shelf: Water, squash, salad dressing, whip cream, Autocrat Coffee syrup