Makeover Monday

Things are ticking along here with the house and we have moved on to another room.  The office floor still needs to be sanded and finished but that didn’t stop me from starting on Squidge’s room.  The reasoning behind this is that all of the upstairs floors need to be done so we’ll do them all at once. Time scale is pretty tight- Whit bank holiday weekend.  Wal will be off for 4 days so he’ll be doing it then.  Our bedroom will be the last room in the house to be done. We’ll just move everything into our room when it’s time to finish the floor. In the mean time here’s a before and during/current of Squidge’s room.

Es' room before-6Esme's room during-10

Es' room before-3Esme's room during-11

Es' room beforeEsme's room during-14

Es' room before-5Esme's room during-13

New photography goal is to try to get as close to exact before and after pictures as possible.  So as you can see the wall paper and ceiling tiles are gone.  Now it’s clean up time, fill in all the holes, sand and basic prep before painting.

Esme's room during-12I’m a little bummed out over all the “brown” plaster in this room.  It’s difficult to paint over it as it starts to peel away from the walls if I use a roller.  I’ll have to figure something our, maybe use a brush when I paint the prime/base coat. I’m now just tidying up a bit to see where I stand.

Esme's room during-7


  1. The Biff
    May 17, 2011 /

    Try painting some size over the plaster before you paint it.=

    • Lindy
      May 18, 2011 /

      I don’t know what size is but will look it up. Thanks for the tip!