Bedroom makeover

Squidge’s room is all GO! GO! GO! I’ve finished filling and sanding.

Es' Room-3

Although 68% of the plaster in the room in 80 yrs old and the other 38% is not blended well into the original plaster.  I’ll just say  the room has character and leave it at that.  The room is piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink my god the pinky pinkness of the room.  I’m so glad we decided to wallpaper one wall.  I think it will break up the pink. Below is the wallpaper we chose.  It will be the heart paper centered in the middle of the wall with the stripey paper on either side.  I think/hope it will look nice.

Es' Room

I don’t think I could handle an entire room painted Dulux Pretty Pink.  While painting I had to keep reminding myself that this is not my room and that Squidge will absolutely love the pinky pinkness of it all.

Es' Room-4

Tomorrow it’s time to to all the cutting in. Yes I know that most people cut in then paint but I like to be contrary. I then have to pain the skirting board, windowsill and built-in wardrobes.  I should be done by the weekend… but don’t hold your breath. I’m not.

Es' Room-7

Access to the loft was moved from the bathroom to this room and they did a piss poor job w/ the plaster on the ceiling around the opening. I’m going to get some wood and frame the opening as it’s the only way it will look nice. We could re-plaster the entire room but I don’t want to do that. I keep telling Wal that the house is 80+ yrs old and it won’t have perfect walls and ceilings. If I wanted perfect I would have looked at newer houses. I will admit that this room is really testing my resolve. The wall we are wallpapering is so uneven and bumpy it ridiculous. I think this room used to hold the old water tank/boiler. You can see a pipe in the wall and a huge circle of new plaster at the top. Still it was wallpapered before and you couldn’t notice the unevenness of it so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will look good. I’m also buying this light shade. It’s an almost perfect match to the wallpaper.  So what do  you guys think? Too pink? Perfectly pink?

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  1. Mancais
    June 11, 2011 /

    Perfect for a pink-loving princess