Strikes and Strawberries

On Thursday Squidge was off from school because of a teachers strike. So off Squidge and I went with some friends to do a bit of fruit picking.  I’ve posted about Kenyon Hall Farm before. Picking your own fruit is a fun thing to do with kids. So if you’re anywhere in North Cheshire and want something fun to do with kids you should totally give this a try.  They have picnic tables, a little area for the kids to play and run around.  You can buy fresh fruit and veg w/out any of the picking.  Oh and they also have an herb section.  All very nice.

We’ve gone fruit picking here a few times and we’ve also gone pumpkin picking here.  We tried a new place last year for pumpkin picking but I think I might come back this year. I live in hope that one day I’ll find a farm that does Halloween/pumpkin picking like they do in the US.  Anyway I’m getting a little off topic here!  Back to the fruit picking.  Weather was perfect! The kids had a blast.  Victoria and I were reminiscing about how when we first started coming to Kenyon Hall it was just a little open air lean-to type of farm shop. Then over the years it’s gotten a little bigger until this year when they’ve built a huge purpose built shop/cafe.  It’s all very swish now! Still same attitude and I hope it continues!  We decided to have lunch at the cafe, for a full Kenyon Hall Farm experience.  Lunch was good. It was a bit pricey and service was a bit slow.  Victoria and I ordered our meals at the same time but paid separately but we were obviously together.  She got her meal first and mine arrived 15 minutes later!  By that point her 2 were done and ready to run around and didn’t want to wait for us to finish our lunch, totally understandable from the 7 and under set!  That was the only main gripe of the day, if our meals had arrived at the same time it would have been much better.