4th of July BBQ, The late edition

We had a belated 4th of July BBQ this Saturday.  I think it’s very important that we celebrate American holidays here in the UK.  After all Squidge is American as well as English!  I invited a load of American friends and even a few non Americans.

4th of July-8

I had obsessed over the weather all week hoping the weather was going to cooperate!  All week it showed that it would be raining, heavy rain w/ thunderstorms! Then the day before it switched to light showers.  I could handle light showers but was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a gorgeous day- blue skies, warm and sunny!  I don’t remember obsessing this much about the weather in the US! It adds a bit of excitement when planning an outdoor event here in the UK!! I had a blast, I think everyone else did too.  Squidge spent most of the day on the trampoline. Although she must have spent some time up in her play room because it was trashed!   I love having people over and am going to try to do this more often.  Maybe not to this scale, just a couple of friends over for a meal.

4th of July-3

4th of July-4

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!