How does my garden grow: potatoes

This past weekend we had a belated 4th of July BBQ.  During the bbq people were admiring our peas and chatting generally about gardening. I was telling everyone that they need to grow peas. Sooo easy peasy! HAR!!  I pointed to my yellowing and dying potato plants as proof that I don’t know what I’m doing.  Someone suggested I go a “harvest” my potatoes.

I was a bit sceptical, I vaguely recalled reading that they wouldn’t be ready to harvest until late summer. Hey ho what the hell I thought let’s see how these puppies are growing.  I pulled on one of the shoots and pulled out a potato about the size of a small marble! So I thew it at my friend and we had a good laugh about them.  I thought that with the leaves turning yellow that I must have done something wrong.  Live and learn, next year I’ll do a better job.  This morning I thought I’d loosen the soil. Maybe that was the reason they weren’t growing.  So I stuck my hands in there to shake the soils a bit and grabbed hold of a potato- a biggish one!  Sooooo Squidge and I both got in on the action…

harvested potatoes-2

Not a bad little harvest if I do say so myself! Tomorrow supper will involve these potatoes and some peas. Grown from seed, my me and Squidge!!

harvested potatoes-3