Ugly Bug Ball

This past week at school Squidge has been going a load of really fun things.  She’s learning all about bugs and creepy crawlies and today was the Ugly Bug Ball.  We received a letter a couple of weeks ago so we could make something… if we so desired.  Squidge and I decided that told me she wanted to be a butterfly so we worked on making some wings.  I had a blast and Squidge really did help.

Ugly Bug Ball-19

I didn’t want to do any sewing and needed something that wasn’t going to weigh very much so I decided to make them out of crepe and tissue paper. I figured if they lasted the 30 minutes of the Ugly Bug Ball parade and parent morning we’d do OK.

Ugly Bug Ball-5

Ugly Bug Ball-7
They lasted the 30 minutes plus most of the day according to Squidge! Yay! I will say that by the time I picked her up they were in pretty bad shape but she didn’t care, she loved them and had a fantastic day! I am a little sad that the school year is coming to a close. She has loved every last minute of school and so have we. The school is fantastic. Her teacher is the best. She has made some really good friends and so have I. We also found out who her new teacher is for next year. She appears to be very lovely and I’ve heard great things about her.

Here’s to a wonderful beginning of a school career. My hope is that she continues to love school. That each year she will continue to learn and grow and become the intelligent, inquisitive and beautiful woman that the child promises she will be.

Ugly Bug Ball-2


  1. maria
    July 27, 2011 /

    Oh My Gosh!! How adorable!! and her hair to match!! Spot on!! 🙂

    • Lindy
      August 1, 2011 /

      She does look cute! I’m going to miss her teacher- she was so good!