Pampering Kellogg’s Style

Kelloggs spa-6

Last month I received an email from Kellogg’s asking me if I wanted to attend a Spa day at the Lowry Hotel. I almost fell over myself saying YES, PLEASE!  You see I’ve never had a spa treatment so was very excited about the prospect of being pampered for the day.  I also really really like Kellogg’s, I mean who doesn’t love Snap, Crackle and Pop? Not to mention Crunchy Nut.  Although they’re a big corporation they’re all about giving back to the community and I was curious about what they had in the pipeline.  I wasn’t disappointed in the presentation or the spa treatment.

Kelloggs spa-5

First let me get to the treatment. We all met at the Lowry Hotel and promptly got nekkid! Nothing says HELLO like getting naked in front of bloggers you’ve only met a time or two.  Once we were all dressed in our fabulous white robes we went out to meet our lovely… spa ladies? Beauty technicians? Ladies with the magic hands? I enjoyed my very first ever treatment- a facial.  I had to work had to relax and not think about things I needed to do. I didn’t need to do anything expect enjoy the moment. The it was manicure time. Wonderful. Fantastic.  Soon it was lunch time. Yum. Yummo. Yum. I tried to stay heathly which wasn’t too difficult to do as all the options were pretty healthy.
Kelloggs Spa-3

OK now onto why Kellogg’s got us all together. They’re heavily involved in breakfast. I know, you’re all shocked at my breaking news. Honestly they take breakfast seriously and want us all, especially kids, to eat something. I don’t think they’re going to lie and say they wouldn’t prefer we all ate a couple of bowls of Kellogg’s cereal but in reality they just want us all to just eat breakfast. So with this in mind they have something exciting coming up so watch this space.



  1. September 27, 2011 /

    That look amazing.. really jealous lol.. looking forward to hearing what they have in store as Kellogs is my fave cereal… and I wouldn’t say no to a spa treatment, never had one myself… i take it you would recommend it?!

    • Lindy
      September 28, 2011 /

      It really was a fantastic fun. They’re coming out with some really great products. Like I said, watch this space!!