Weight Watcher’s Wednesday

Weigh-in this morn­ing.  Weeks Weight lost: 2  Total lost: 13

Can you believe it? I lost 2 lbs this week after having horrible sugar cravings.  I thought for sure I’d gained but I must have compensated enough for the maple walnut pastry and the cinnamon roll I had this past weekend. Oh and can’t forget the Ben & Jerry’s and the chocolate bar and the… you get the idea.  I don’t know about you but when it’s that time of the month I need sugar.  I’m finding that now that I’m really monitoring what goes in my mouth I’m more aware of it’s affect on me.  Bread makes me bloaty, really I can see my belly puff up.  It’s amazing.  I’ve pretty much cut out all bread from my diet.  I just found that the points weren’t worth it so no more sandwiches, no more of my beloved bagels w/ apricot jam for breakfast and no more wraps.  I had turned to wraps when I first started Weight Watcher’s but found that they weren’t satisfying me enough to justify the points.  Funny old thing this Weight Watcher’s malarky, my eating has really changed.  Although I fall off the wagon I still see the weight dropping off because I’m so much more conscious and aware of what I am doing.  Where before I thought I was eating healthy and didn’t eat a lot of junk I was, in reality I ate a whole lot of junk.

I’ve also realized I’m a grazer, nibbler, picker. How ever you want to call it I ate all day every day.  Now I still am but it’s grapes, watermelon, apples… it’s fruit now instead of toast.  I ate a lot of toast- we would go through 1 1/2 loafs per week!!  Wal and I were talking about it this morning and we figured we hadn’t had a loaf of sliced bread in the house since July!  *THUD* That was my head hitting the desk! If you had told me 6 months ago that I would have essentially given up bread I would have laughed at you!  No way would I give up my beloved, lovely, scrummy bread! I gave up the last of it when I got back from the Azores.  I took with me 3 bags of New York Bagel Co. bagels with me.  I needed that bagel in the morning.  My bagel with butter and jam. My 9 pp breakfast.  That is what did it in the end.  I used up almost a third of my daily points for breakfast. One fell swoop, gone!  Then I would struggle to find low point lunches to make up those points.  It was a hard, sometimes impossible task.  I’m now eating a 4 pp  breakfast.  I weigh out 40 grams of oats, 200 mls of skimmed milk.  Squidge and I split that for breakfast with a sliced banana and a drizzle of honey over it.  I should give up the honey, just not right now, maybe in a few months.  So that is my major change this month.  I feel like it’s a pretty profound change for me.  Do I miss bread? I would have to say that yes, yes I do.  Do I still eat bread? Yes, sometimes.  I had a toasted bagel w/ tuna and sweet corn for lunch yesterday. We didn’t have anything in the house for lunch so I was scrounging around and threw that together.  This morning I was craving a bagel for breakfast. I hadn’t had a craving for a bagel in a couple of weeks so I felt like an addict! Carbs are addictive and that one taste was enough to almost make me fall off the wagon.  Now you guys might be asking why I have bagels in the house and that’s simple to answer.  Wal is not on Weight Watcher’s and he loves nothing more than having a bagel w/ philly cream cheese and apricot jam for breakfast.  Just because I’m not eating doesn’t mean he can’t!  So they’re in the house- taunting me!  Instead of giving in to my craving I enjoyed my warm bowl of porridge w/ my coffee and then headed out to the gym.  I want to be 8 stone more than I want a bagel.  And that my friends is a major shift in my thinking!

Are any of you doing Weight Watcher’s or any other slimming program?  I’m curious to know what works for you. What have you given up that you never thought you would?


  1. September 19, 2011 /

    Well done! I’m really impressed that you’re able to avoid sandwiches while living in England. I did WW before I moved to the US and I was able to avoid sandwiches (I’d eat the occasional one at a restaurant, but never had them at home) and I hadn’t eaten a baked potato in 2 years (it’s basically potato-shaped sugar). Then I moved to England and WHAMMO! Sandwiches everywhere! Baked potatoes with beans and cheese? Yes please! Tasty salads with light salad dressing or delicious soup?? No where to be found! (I later started splurging on Covent Garden) I’ve paid for it ever since. Now that I’m working again I’m off sandwiches for the most part. They’re easy for me to avoid. I eat breakfast at work and I’ll have a small banana and an English muffin (the 100 calorie muffins), with some light peanut butter. I’m eating Lean Cuisine meals or soup for lunch and we tend to eat fairly healthy dinners. My problem now is that I need to figure out how to fit in exercise. Once that happens I’ll feel much better!

    • Lindy
      September 26, 2011 /

      it’s hard giving up bread but I have to keep looking at the end goal. SKIIIIIIINNY and bread won’t get me there.