Weight Watcher’s Wednesday

Week 19. Weight lost this week: –1 Weight loss in total 20.5

Another pound off this week!  I can get used to this pound off a week Weight Watcher’s business! If you follow me on facebook you’ll know that we celebrated Squidge making her Rainbow promise on Wednesday by have fish and chips for supper!  Then we went for a curry a on Friday.  On those days I have low point breakfast and lunch so was about 15 points to blow for dinner.  It was a total accident that I had so many points on Wednesday as that was a spur of the moment thing.  I then tried really hard to stay within my points, I didn’t always work but I stayed within 3 points.  I give myself Sunday as my cheat day and it’s a no guilt day but not this week, with 2 meals out I just couldn’t do it.  When I was moaning about it on Sunday Wal asked my why I was worried as it was my cheat day. Nuh uh I reminded him that we had fish & chips and curry this week so I forfeited my Sunday cheat day. It was difficult to stay within my points as I make a huge Sunday roast of chicken, roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding, veggies and a bottle of wine. Normally I tuck in without a care in the world and I missed doing this. In hindsight the fish&chips meal was not worth missing out my Sunday roast!  Still you have to go with the flow some times. Squidge loved her special meal after Rainbows so in that respect it was worth it.

One of the things I am struggling with is beating myself up when I fall off the wagon a bit.  Even though I’m working hard to stay within points when I do go over I will think about it all week.  I need to give myself a break and not make myself feel bad. But. but. but. when I then go on to lose 1lb or 2lbs I think something is working so why mess with it. So I have some angst I’ll have to live with it if it means I’m going to continue dropping weight.


Another thing that has made things a bit interesting is that Squidge has now fallen in love with cooking and following a recipe.  We made mac & cheese the other day. It was really cute and so much fun. She carefully went through her cookbook and we discussed all the recipes and she finally settled on mac and cheese. We made a list and headed out to the shop to pick up the bits we didn’t have. Once home she put on her apron and set to work.  As you know mac&cheese isn’t exactly the most Weight Watcher’s friendly.  It was deeeeeelish but I managed to keep myself to a small(ish) portion.

I’ve set myself a mini Weight Watcher’s goal and that was to lose a stone by christmas. I’m now 8 lbs away from that goal.  So if I continue losing 1lb a week I should meet my goal by the 21 December. Keeping fingers crossed I make it!  Anyone else have goals they’re trying to reach?  This is my first mini goal so I hope I make it!  When I do I’ll be 1/2 way towards my main goal of losing 4 stone.  It feels like such a huge goal and I hope I can do it.  Keep fingers crossed!