Weight Watchers Wednesday

Week 18. Weight lost this week: –1 Weight loss in total 19.5

Pretty uneventful Weight Watchers week.  I didn’t have any major blow out days.  I always used up my points and went over by a point or 2.   Not bad and I lost 1 lb.  I was a bit worried (aren’t I always?) because I received a package from by bestie in America 

23 boxes of Peeps!! Om nom nom!! It’s my favorite Easter candy. Please click on the link it really is a cult thing!  What you say are you talking about Easter when Halloween is right around the corner? Well back in the day you could only get Peeps during Easter- hence the name Peeps.  They were chick shaped marshmallows coated in yellow sugar. Now you can get them for any holiday and she sent me Jack-0-lantern Peeps.

At 3 pro points per box it’s not so bad and I’ve been trying to keep myself to 1 box a day. I will admit that the first 2 days I might have exceeded my limit 3 times over! Ah well I pointed them into my daily allowance so it’s all good.

In the exercise front I’m going to have to admit that I haven’t been to the gym in three weeks. First I was ill with a chesty thing and couldn’t do any cardio. I then started to lose big and now I’m a bit superstitious and am afraid if I go back I’ll start back to my low .5lb/SS loss. I know this is silly and it can only help me in my Weight Watcher’s journey if I add exercise.  I’m going to go back on Monday… promise!

Am I the only one with weird superstitions? Tell me about the odd things you do! I don’t want to believe I’m the only one!


  1. maria
    October 25, 2011 /

    I so wish I had the money to do WW! I really think it is awesome you do so well

  2. Lindy
    October 25, 2011 /

    It is a bit of a cost commitment and considering we’re barely making ends meet I some times think I should cancel it. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s a great benefit to my well being and in the long run with be worth it. Wish the economy would improve soon!

  3. Mancais
    November 6, 2011 /

    I find the money cos I find it too easy to cheat/not count things if I don’t go to meetings. At least with the Monthly pass you get all the online stuff included.