Weight Watcher’s Wednesday

Bollin Valley Way-2

Week 28  Weight lost this week: +2 Weight loss in total 22 lbs

Well another gain. I’m not surprised but I am bummed out. I was chatting with some of my Weight Watcher’s buddies and we all agreed not to beat ourselves up too much. So I gained 3.5 lbs over 2 weeks of Christmas, it could have been soo much worse.  We are back to our normal routine and except for  New Year’s Day when I’ll be cooking a ham all the temptations are gone. I’m hoping for a loss next week but then I always hope for a loss.  I am thankful for Weight Watcher’s as I can only imagine how bad it would have been without it!

How about you guys? Did you celebrate with loads of food and damn the consequences?  I enjoyed myself without going too crazy.  If you can’t overindulge during Christmas when can you? So tell me how did you do?