Weight Watcher’s Wednesday

Blinded by the sun.

Week 33  Weight lost this week: +1.1 Weight loss in total 25 lbs


Really that’s how I’m feeling about this weight loss since 2012 arrived. I was looking at my little book and it’s covered in circles (that’s how Weight Watcher’s indicate gains) and I just want to consistently lose weight and I don’t want to see any more bloody circles!!  Of course I think I know why I had a gain this week.  My mom is visiting and I ate a shed load of Portuguese sweet bread (think brioche) slathered in butter. She also made me my favorite soup  caldo funcho (fennel soup made w/ just the fennel tops) and because I can’t get fennel tops here in England I ate the shit out of that too!  Oh and lets not forget the biscuits. Ya so I know why I gained but it doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it. Still, I’m trying to not get too down. My mom hasn’t visited since Squidge was 8 months old and I don’t know when she’ll be back so I might as well enjoy my time with her and her food!!

I’m writing this on Friday morning (but back dating it) and I can say that I’ve done pretty good on Wednesday but yesterday(Thursday) I had prawns w/ spaghetti noodles, pesto and 1/2 fat creme fraiche. I didn’t weigh out my portion so lord only knows how much I ate. I did point it high and went over my daily points. Must do better today.

I’m finding that if I eat breakfast too early I get very hungry for lunch so I’m trying to wait until after 10 to each breakfast. I failed miserably today as it’s 9:20 and I’m sure I ate my porridge over an hour ago!  I’ve got some apples in the house so am hoping that will help w/ any cravings. Also I think I’m adding too much honey to my porridge and only pointing out as a 15 gram serving. Naughty! Must keep an eye on that from now on.

Another thing I’ve caught myself doing again is finishing Squidge’s food if she doesn’t eat it all. That is such a bad habit and one I thought I had broken with the help of Weight Watcher’s. DOH!

So all in all a bad week and many many things to improve. Still. Still I’ve lose 25 lbs and that’s nothing to sneeze about. Bring on the next 25 lbs!!

How are you all doing? Tell me about how well you’re doing so I know that it can be done. I need to keep the faith!!


  1. January 27, 2012 /

    25lbs???? That’s massive! And here’s me excited about losing 6lb – well actually 5lbs since I weighed myself this morning and got very very cross. Have you tried weighing things in the house and adding it all up to see how much you’ve lost? I did and lifting up the 5lbs made me realise that actually I’m not carrying that around anymore and I was chuffed, but 25lbs holy crap woman – I’m proud of you and I don’t even know you. You’re marvellous!

    • Lindy
      January 30, 2012 /

      Thanks! I’m pretty proud of my self too! Congrats on your loss. It’s hard work but so worth it in the end!