Weight Watcher’s Wednesday


Week 34  Weight lost this week: -1 Weight loss in total 26 lbs

Finally a loss! I’m not feeling the Weight Watcher’s love in 2012 with all of these gains!  LOL, yes I’m blaming Weight Watcher’s for my gain and not my complete and total lack of willpower!  My mom left today and although we were both eating well we did do a lot of baking so this will come back to haunt me I believe.  So again I’m resolving to do better. Write everything down and not finish Squidge’s meals!!

How are you all doing this week? I’m happy about my loss but like I said I need to do better! I know weight watcher’s works so time to buckle down. At the meeting this week exercise was discussed. Now I have worked out in a couple of months. I know this is bad but the lazy gene is a strong one!  This week my goal is to do something… anything! Will keep you posted!