Weight Watchers Wednesday

Custard cream 2 weight watchers points

custard cream 2 pro points

Week 39 Weight lost this week: +.5 Weight loss in total 28 lbs

*le sigh*  Well what can I say? One step forward one step back. It appears to be the way of my Weight Watchers journey lately.  I suspected I was going to have a small weight loss this week. I went to McDonalds on Friday and ate an entire medium Big Mac meal.  Bad I know but I just felt like having one!  I did try to stick really close to my daily points and not go over. I thought I had done that but the 1/2 lb weight gain shows me that I didn’t do as well as I had hoped I did.  I wish I was one of those fast Weight Watchers losers. I KNOW that I’m doing it the right way. Slow (very very slooooooow) and steady wins the race, right? Right!  I know that I have a better chance of keeping it off this way. Still. STILL! I wish…


What are your weight loss wishes?