When a farmers market goes wrong

This morning Wal came back from dropping Squidge off at ballet to tell me there was a farmers market in the neighboring village. It was a warm sunny day and we had planned on sanding the living room all day. We decided to head on down to check out the market after picking Squidge up.  I’m always banging on about shopping loca and supporting small indy businesses so I readily agreed. I oooh and aahed over the veg. I tasted some yummy horseradish mustard and then worked our way over to the pie stand. The cheese and onion pie sample was delish but Wal decided he would like the meat and potato pie. We looked around a bit more and then I saw the nuts. I have been craving salted cashews for a few months but they’re sooo high in pro points. Well I though I’ve been doing really well this week so I’d treat myself. They didn’t have any salted but they did have spicy. I was sold.

What a disappointment! They were stale! I had never heard of such a thing. How long does a nut have to be sitting around before they go soft? I’m thinking a pretty long time!  I was a bit (read a lot) peeved but thought it was a sign from Weight Watcher’s that I should back off from the nuts. Once we got home I put the pie in the oven and got the rest of the things ready for lunch. We bought a small pie but I figured we could have a salad with it. Yummo right?  Eeerm WRONG. The pie should have been called Potato w/ dirty mince pie pan water pie. There was not one bit of meat in it. I guess if I didn’t find any meat I shouldn’t have been surprised that they couldn’t be bothered to season the flipping thing either. I was bland and tasteless. Just bland mashed potatoes in a bland crust.

So here is my rant. In a time when we’re all trying to be green, local, support small businesses why would I go back to the farmers market? I have a green grocer in my village. I can probably pick up some horseradish mustard at our local deli. I’m still supporting local businesses.  My green grocer doesn’t just stock local veg but  it is an independent small business so I feel I’m doing my part. If the farmers market is going to grow and thrive the items they sell there need to be good. I won’t go back and I’m wondering how many other people have had the same experience.

If I knew who ran the market I’d contact them. It would be great if we had a regular farmers market there, one that was thriving. Selling subpar goods is not the way to do this.



  1. March 25, 2012 /

    What a disappointment 🙁

    We are lucky that we have an excellent regular farmer’s market, with the same traders coming back each month

    • Lindy
      March 25, 2012 /

      It’s such a shame really as a good farmers market would really be great.