Reupholstering for dummies!!

Sometimes I amaze myself, more often than not it’s because of my utter incompetence but not this time suckas!!  LOL sorry about that little ghetto moment but I’m pretty pleased with myself.  Last summer we scored a piano off of freecycle and although it’s a lovely little thing the bench it came with didn’t have a cushion on it. Being a bit ghetto (see previous example) I just left it with the bare unfinished wood for almost 12 months.  Now that Squidge is taking piano lessons and the living room is almost done (done enough that we’re moving furniture back in) it was time to get the bench sorted. My first problem was what fabric to choose? You’d think this would be fairly simple but you would be soo wrong.  We haven’t decided that color sofa to buy. The walls are a soft grey-blue, our current sofa is red.  We don’t have any curtains on the window. I refuse to decorate around a sofa I’m not keeping and which is a color our new one is NOT going to be.  Sooo the dilemma was a pretty big one.  In the end I chose one I thought would be pretty neutral.  The brown spots match the piano, the blue spots match the walls and I can decorate around the cream and green spots. Or if it all goes horribly wrong I can replace it with something that matches a bit more. In the end I thought it’s just a little bench and I live the fabric. the end. amen.



So this is the end product. I didn’t take a picture of me screwing the seat back onto the bench. It was a pain in the ass and well I didn’t even think about pictures so… tada!! It’s not perfect but it’s better than what was on there (nothing) and for my first attempt I’m going to give myself a score of 7.


Also ignore the cardboard under the piano. Wal and I made a holy mess of moving the piano over our newly sanded and varnished floor.  I thought putting the cardboard under the casters would protect the floor. I was wrong. So very very wrong. That’s all I’m going to say in the matter except to say thank god we still have to sand a few more rooms and will be hiring the sander again.