Weight Watcher’s Wednesday

Week 44  Weight lost this week: +1 Weight loss in total 31.5 lbs

How is it possible that I missed  an entire month of Weight Watchers Wednesdays? Oh well I’m back so a quick catch up.

Week41 lost 1.5, Week42 lost 1, Week43 lost .5, I missed last week but I know I gained 3. Which brings us up to this week. So in my head I have to tell myself that I actually lost 2 because I weighed myself at home and I know that I had gained. I went to a 40th birthday party and it was wonderful. The food, the wine and the company. So you play, you pay and this week I am still paying.

weight watchers

I am still struggling with late night snacking and I think this is something I will always have to deal with.  I’m trying to keep only good snacks in the house but sometimes bad things just find their way in (looks around innocently.) I went out to lunch today with a friend and we ate our body weights in sushi. Good god it was good and not all that unhealthy. Then I went to get some gas (petrol) and just happened to stop off at Krispy Kreme and a glazed donut ended up in my mouth! I don’t know how it happened. So that was 6 propoints I would have used on a healthy filling supper instead of a sugary momentary craving. So much to learn. So many bad habits to break. Still I think at my overall loss and I’m happy. 31.5 lbs is nothing to laugh at.

How about you guys? anyone else finding it difficult? Easy? I’m looking through my weight watchers cookbooks to see if I can find some new dishes to make. The other day I had savoy cabbage, red cabbage and 1/2 a small chicken breast. It was good but ahem not everyone appreciated the cabbage. So anyone have any skinny recipes they’d like to share?