Weight Watcher’s Wednesday

Week 45  Weight lost this week: ? Weight loss in total 31.5 lbs

I didn’t make it to my weight watchers meeting this week, I was in my sick bed!  I think I gained 2 lbs this week- at least that is what my home scales are telling me. I’m a bit frustrated as I stuck to the plan pretty much all week. We did go out for a curry on Friday but I don’t usually gain if I eat out one day. I can usually claw back any points. Aah well we’ll never know as I didn’t get an “official” weigh in.

I’ve been doing some meal planning and it’s going pretty well. I bought a chalk memo board and on Sunday nights I write down what I’m going to make for dinner all week and have pretty much stuck to it. Tonight (Thurs as this is a day late) we’re having homemade fish goujons and baked swede chips. I’ll post pictures here later on.  Last night I made a weight watchers veggie curry and it was good… I think. I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t really eat much of it. Wal ate it and he said he enjoyed it. I think we’ll be changing it up a bit. Some of the things we don’t think worked was the courgettes. They were way to slimy so I’ll be looking for a different veg to add.  I also need to add the cauliflower to it later than I did. Although they tasted OK it was a bit soft for our liking.  We have tons left over so we’ll probably have some again this week. I’ll need to tweak our planned meals or I might just freeze it and we can have it next week. I’ll see how I feel.

I also wanted to share an easy peasy dessert that I make when we’re in the mood for a bit of sweetness after supper. We’ve started to call it Esme’s Mess…

Low fat/Fat free yogurt

Slice strawberries, add yogurt, crumble biscuits and mix well.

If I’m just making enough for Squidge I use some of her yogurt and shortbread biscuits but if I’m making it for myself or I give it a weight watchers twist and use a pot of their summer fruits yogurt and lemon and ginger biscuit. The weight watcher’s version only has 3 ProPoints (or 2 ProPoints if I only use one biscuit)