Weight Watchers Wednesday

I don’t have the foggiest idea what week it is so I’m just going to start at 50…

Week 50  Weight lost this week: 6.5 Weight loss in total 42 lbs (that’s 3 stone for all you Brits!)

I’m back!  So I stayed away over a month- can you believe it?  My last weigh in was Mid May then I had my surgery. I left the hospital weighing at least 10 lbs more than when I went in.  Needless to say I wasn’t going to go anywhere near the “official” scales until I could fit into the jeans* I wore when I walked into the hospital.   This happened on Monday so I thought I better not put if off any longer. On my home scales it said I lost 10 lbs but those are always a bit off from the one at the meeting so I wasn’t surprised when it said 6.5.  My fibroid weighed almost 6 lbs and considering I’ve been off weight watchers for a month I’m going to say it was a success. Would I have loved it if I had an official 10 lbs off? Of course but at least it wasn’t less than the fibroid. Does that make any sense? I would have been upset if it had been 5 lbs I lost because the fibroid weighed 6 lbs and that would have meant I gained 1 lb- ya see?

Anyhoo back to it and thanks to the cookbook weight watchers sent me a while back I decided to try a new recipe. It’s from the Members Favourites and I looked for a low point one. I found the Cod w/ pesto and cheese. Really easy to make and more importantly very filling. I thin next time I make it I’m going to add even more veg to really bulk it up. Best part is it was only 5 propoints.