Judgy McJudgerson

People can we all just get along? Stop being so judgemental and nasty?  I’ve been reading a lot of horrible things being said about the parents of those that died in Aurora. I’ve also been reading non-Americans weighing in on how stupid we are. How we’ll ban cheese before automatic weapons. The self righteous comments after that horrible story of the little boy who was killed after falling off a traction engine.

When did we become so intolerant? We’re not allowed to make mistakes, if your kid runs off into a busy road you’ll go to jail because you SHOULD HAVE KNOWN HE’D DO THAT. You should have tied him to the car/yourself/wrapped him in bubble wrap. We are so worried about bad things happening we are going to forget to live.  If I was a fan of a film and my 6 yr old was too I would have been at the midnight screening. It would have been a great adventure. Something we’d be excited about as the day drew closer. Getting a nap in so we wouldn’t be too tired. I can see Squidge bouncing with excitement over the midnight showing of High School Musical 526.  How were these people supposed to know some crazy person would be there w/ guns blazing. I’m not going to debate gun control. I know I don’t like guns. I don’t need a gun. I believe the police or army are much better suited to protecting- it’s their job. It’s what they’ve been trained to do.  Are people focusing on blaming the parents because it’s easier than trying to deal w/ the thorny issue of our god given right to bare arms. I don’t know.

I guess I just wish people would keep their opinions to themselves. Rich coming from someone who blogs, uses Twitter and Facebook. Maybe social media is part of the problem. We’re so used to spewing our opinions all over the interwebs we’ve lost any sense that we need to filter what we say. You may think you’d never take a six year old out to midnight film. You didn’t. Another mum did. It was her choice and we need to understand that we all parent differently.  This is an old debate as I remember the horrible things people said to/about Madeline McCann’s parents because they left their sleeping kids in the holiday apartment alone. Would I have done that? I don’t know. I’ve left Squidge sleeping in a hotel room and I’ve gone to dinner 2 floors down, not exactly the same but similar.   Shall we all meet in the village green so you can all stone me to death? How about I give you my address so you can call social services on me? I parent differently than you. I might not agree with how you parent your kids but that doesn’t mean I can or should publicly out you as a horrible parent. Sometimes bad shit happens. There isn’t anything we can do about it. I remember when I was 7 years old the sister of a friend of mine died. We were walking home from school (alone, our parents worked and for the most part we were latchkey kids or communally watched by someones granny or auntie) when we came to our friends house surrounded by police and ambulances.  We rushed in to see the little sister of my friend Danny dead.  She had been playing with a balloon and it had popped. She swallowed a bit of the broken latex and had suffocated. So shall we ban balloons? I mean they’re deathtraps. A kid died once. Yes, it was a horrible bizzarre tragedy.  My point being we can’t take into account everything that can kill us because everything can kill us.

Since I’m baring my soul here let me go on and publicly admit that I have been known to eat a Kit Kat or three. I make coffee every morning and am currently nursing a cup of Nescafe.  Good thing I don’t have a lot of readers or I’d probably lose a few with that confession. Again I go back to the beginning… stop being a Judgy McJudgerson. This may come as a shock to some of you but YOU ARE NOT PERFECT and AND some people do not agree with how you parent and that is OK.



    • Lindy
      July 24, 2012 /

      thanks Jen.

  1. KelloggsVille
    July 25, 2012 /

    There was a JK Rowling midnight reading at the release of one of the Harry Potters. Nobody batted an eyelid at the number of brownies there. I wonder why the film is so different because my first thought was gosh, I wouldn’t have taken COG to the film, but would I stand in a queue at midnight for a book reading…sure…so why the perception of difference. Being judgemental is a natural thing when something is happening that is different to what we alone perceive as ‘right’ the hard part of te natural reaction is to learn to have n internal debate first about why I am judging. Turns out its because I’m too staid and fearfull of the joy de vive required to do a midnight screening. My problem not the poor bereaved parents. I left COG in a hotel room similar to the Mcanns once. When that happened my stomach lurched at the ‘there but for the grace of god go I’.

    Your kitkat problem is a major concern though and I am now reconsidering my readership commitment 😉

    • Lindy
      July 25, 2012 /

      You nailed it… internal debate. I think we all need to try to do that a bit more.

      I don’t think people bat an eye unless something bad happens. Then they just point out that they would never have taken their kids to something like that, at that time of night. When in reality given the right circumstances they would have. I’m not saying I don’t judge because good lord I do. This post was aimed at me more than anyone else. I need to have more internal debates and not be so hard on others and their choices. Now leave me alone I’m off to get a kitkat.