Weight Watchers Wednesday

Week 52  Weight lost this week: +1 Weight loss in total 41.5 lbs (I missed last week but I lost 1/2 lb.)

I’ve been really struggling since my surgery. I’m always nibbling, not tracking and there is entirely too much chocolate in this house for my own good. To add to my woes, it was Squidge’s birthday party last weekend and I single handedly finished 1/2 of her cake. Shock and horror I gained 1 lb!  I will never learn!!

In an attempt to get back on track I’ve trolled through my weight watchers cookbooks and found some low point and filling recipes to try out.  The first one was sausage and onion loaf. You use weight watchers low fat sausages and loads of shredded veggies. I will admit that it looked pretty disgusting prior to cooking and I warned the family that they weren’t going to like it. I should’t have worried because this is one weight watchers recipe we all LOVED. I mean really really loved. It’s gone down as a favorite and I’ll be making it again this week.  I served it with mash and peas but if you want to go really low point then a side salad or some sautéed veggies would be a good idea. I think next time I make it I might add more carrots and maybe some cabbage to bulk it up a bit. Red cabbage would be awesome and would make for a colorful meal.  Another thing I changed was that I made my own breadcrumbs. If anyone tries it can you let me know what you thought?

Onion loaf