Circus! Circus!

Soo on Friday morning I packed up my family and drove HOURS and HOURS just to go to the circus. I know… I am weird. Why would you drive 5 hours just to go to a circus you ask? Well I wanted to support my friend who was hosting the Tots100 Summer Party (hey did someone say party?), I wanted to actually GO to the circus and most importantly the circus as at the SEASIDE.  Now you have to understand, I love the sea. I was born by the sea. I could see the sea from my window when I was a kid. I skipped school and hung out at the beach which was a 5 minute walk from my Junior High School. My family comes from a small fishing village on an island on the Atlantic.  The sea is in my blood. I miss it. I miss it more than I miss anything (Oh, Ok I admit I miss my family and friends more).  So I packed up my family and we headed to the sea. It was fantastic but more on that later.

The circus! Man, I hadn’t been to the circus in years and years. Seriously I think I was 10 years old maybe even younger as I don’t remember my sister or brother being around. So basically I hadn’t been to the circus since the 70’s early 80’s!  Things have changed. No more elephants and tigers which is a shame but totally understandable for the poor animals. Still we got to see a amazing horse who did all sorts of tricks. Oh and the budgies (those are parakeets for us Americanos) who can do tricks- who knew?!?!


It was pretty cool. The clown/tumblers were funny and entertaining but the craziest most hairbrained thing at the circus? Three men on motorcycles in a metal globe cage thingamabob going faaaaaaast and then they added a woman into the thingamabob and went even faster. Crazy fools- good fun though!


We got to the party a bit late and most bloggers were off eating lunch so I didn’t get to meet many of the other bloggers there. I really should try harder and not be so shy.  Before the main event in a real honest to goodness big top we had a pre-show workshop where they showed us some of the insider tricks of the trade. Did you know it takes ages and ages to train a budgie to do a loop de loop?


If like me you haven’t been to the circus in more years than you’d like to admit and you have kids – go! Go now! Zippos Circus is touring the UK and if you have a chance to see them you totally should.  Squidge laughed, ooohed and aaaaahed the entire time. It’s simple entertainment of a bygone era but kids are kids and they’ll always love the circus.


This is not a sponsored post. I paid for my own ticket to the Tots100 Summer Party. All opinions are my own.