Weight Watchers Wednesday

Back on the saddle after taking 2 weeks off and I did about what I expected- I gained 1 lb.

What can I say? What can I add that I haven’t already said in previous WWW posts. I’m struggling. I need to find my mojo again.  So not much to add. I’m trying to track religiously. At the meeting we talked about setting up mini goals and that got me thinking. I was so focused on my surgery and the weight loss I was going to have that I think I relied on that a bit too much. I also remember I bought a pair of jeans that were a bit too small and I couldn’t button them. I knew they didn’t fit around the waste because of the fibroid and I was right. As soon I the swelling went down they fit perfect- even a little bit loose.  Sooo I’m going to buy myself a really nice pair of jeans a size smaller. I’m hoping having something to aim towards will help.

Wish me luck!

What else to add? Hmmm I’ve not tried any new recipes. I’m going to flip thru my weight watchers cookbooks to see if anything catches my eye.