Weight Watchers Wednesday

Week ? Weight lost this week: -1 Weight loss in total 40 lbs

Well it’s a step in the right direction. Now if I can only stack up a few more of these I’ll be happy! Baby steps baby steps! Wondering why losing weight is so bloody hard?!?! Will a skinny person tell me the secret? Hmm really I think that’s what I need. A skinny person to honestly tell me how they do it. Are they ever hungry? Do they snack? Are they exercising? I mean I know how a fat girl (me) does it. Too big portions, eating at the first sign of a twinge of hunger, eating the high sugar low protein foods that mean I’ll be hungry in 30 minutes and avoiding exercising at all costs. These things I know well but HEY YOU SKINNY GIRL tell me how you do it!

OK, back to (semi)serious business. This passed weekend we took a road trip down to the coast so controlling what I ate was a little difficult. Still I tried to make sensible choices. I wanted fish and chips. I ate baked chicken instead. I won’t mention the side of chips and the huge gigantic ice cream sunday I shared w/ Squidge and Wal. I’m trying to more more this week than I did last week. I’m thinking about taking up swimming.

How about you guys? Are you hoving around the same weight? Slowly gaining it all back? What are your survival tips?