Weight Watchers Wednesday

Week ? Weight lost this week: –1 Weight loss in total 41 lbs

Another loss this week! Woot!! I walked into the meeting thinking that I had gained at least 1/2 lb but more likely 1 lb so I was very surprised.  I’ve been trying to do really well with my eating during the week but I always fall down during the weekends. This passed Friday we went to Pizza Express and on the way home I bought some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  Bad. Bad. Bad.

On the recipe front I didn’t try any new recipes so nothing to report there.  Sorry these are getting boring but then again no one is reading them but me so I suppose it doesn’t matter!

I’m 1/2 lb away from the most weight I have lost- or I’m 1/2 lb away from getting to where I was 4 weeks ago. Hoping the lossing continue without any further back-stepping.