Weight Watchers Wednesday

Week: 70 Weight loss this week: +2 Total weight loss: 40

Well well well another gain. A HUGE gain but somewhat expected. One of the bonuses of getting weighed every week is that you start to see patterns in your weight loss. I always again 1 lb when I’m ovulating and guess what?!?! I’m ovulating. The other lb was a bit of a surprise… kind of.  I had wine on Saturday and I didn’t walk/cycle as much as I have in the recent past because the weather has been awful! That isn’t a very good excuse but it’s all I’ve got!  This week coming up I’m trying to stay on track by tracking all my food and walking a bit more. We shall see how that works.

I do have to confess that I am still struggling with my tracking. I start off the week with good intentions and then it just fizzles out. So again this week- good intentions. I.will.track.everything.that.goes.in.my.mouth.

I also have some pretty big news! I’ve applied to be a Weight Watchers Leader. I think it would be a really good fit. I love Weight Watchers and believe in it. I would love to make a living helping others to reach their weight loss goals and help them become the best them they can possibly be!  So fingers crossed I hear something soon!

I haven’t cooked any new recipes but am expecting another weight watchers package and this one will include a cookbook so expect new recipes soon.