Weight Watchers Wednesday

Week: 71 Weight loss this week: 0 Total weight loss: 40


Another week has come and gone.  I woke up this morning feeling pretty positive.  I have weighed myself on Saturday and I had lost 3 lbs. Woot! I thought to myself. Now all I needed to do was be good for the next couple of days and I’d be back on track! Well imagine my surprise when I got on the scale and I had stayed the same. I had somehow managed to gain 3 lbs! Boo! I mean I know I didn’t gain any weight and I stayed the same and that’s good. I KNOW that’s better than a gain but still disappointing.  I’m thinking it might have been the stress of working on a presentation… a presentation for an interview… to become a Weight Watchers leader. I applied for the job last week and I got a call the next day to interview on Tuesday. Eeek! Here is the video portion of my presentation.  I muted the sound and gave my pitch with this running in the background. I must have impressed her because I GOT THE JOB!!  Doing a happy dance! Training starts in October. I’m nervous, excited and happy. Now all I need to do is lose 10 lbs by then!



I received another Weight Watchers happer this week. It was filled w/ loads of yummy snacks. So I’ll be reviewing then here when I do my WW Wednesday posts.  For lunch today I made 0 ProPoints veggie soup and had some Oat & wheat crackers. They’re 2 ProPoints for 4 but I only ate 1 with my soup so I’m tracking it as 1 ProPoint. I’m really jazzed about tracking again and I’m hoping for a 2 lbs weight loss this week.


I’d love to hear all about you’re weight loss struggles, successes, failures, tips, tricks and flicks! I’ve added a linky at the bottom of this post and hopefully I’ll get some great blogs to read that’ll help me stay motivated.