The great pumpkin search

On Sunday we went on our Great Pumpkin search. We headed off to Kenyon Hall Farm like we have the past few years. We have a good time bit I always feel like I've been cheated. I want stacks of hay w/ pumpkins piled high! I want pumpkins with large stalks not the nubs they leave on the pumpkins here in England. I want candy apples and warm apple cider (the non alcoholic version). I want hay rides. I want the countless things I've forgotten.

It's not to say that we didn't have a good time. We did, we always do at Kenyon Hall Farm. They had planted some autumn raspberries and the kids had a fantastic time picking & eating their body weight in raspberries. We then trudged over to the tiny pumpkin patch but it was a bit sparse. We searched and searched for a good one but finally gave up. We headed off to the polytunnel to choose one that had been shipped in- frozen! Maybe I'm romantisizing the entire experience but I don't recall frozen pumpkins.

While we were there it was like an American expat reunion! I was there w/ friends who were American and we heard at least 3 other American accents. It appears I (and my friends) aren't the only ones who miss the autumn experience. So this is my open letter to the folks at Kenyon Hall Farm… Call me… Maybe. Seriously I would love to work with them to enhance the experience. I know that they are a farm not an amusement park but if the experience is great word will get out and pretty soon more of us Yanks will show up there with our 1/2 British kids trying to I still in them a love for all things Autumn…apples…pumpkins…hayrides…apple cider.


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  1. October 19, 2012 /

    Im not American and would stil love to have the full experience , have alot fo American friend and always live through the pictures this time of year and get so jealous lol.
    Oh silly story i never knew you could get non alcoholic Cider and for years thought all these lucky American kids got to drink for like a really young age 🙂