Totsdiy Kitchen diner ideas

My kitchen is in desperate need of a remodel. The “morning room” side of the kitchen has a huge window that faces our neighbours side door. We keep the curtains drawn all the time as we don’t want to see them coming/going and neither do we want them to see into our kitchen.  It  has a 1930’s tiled fireplace and a 1970’s gas fire. Yes folks we won the style lottery when we bought this house. The kitchen part of the kitchen was last done in the early 1980’s from what I can gather. When we bought the house it had a horrid carpet in the morning room side and dirty torn lino in the kitchen side. We pulled those up immediately as they stunk to high heaven. So the floor in one side is bare wood floor- unfinished and dirty and in the kitchen it is cracked terracotta tiles w/ industrial strength adhesive stuck to it. I’m not going to show pictures because I am too ashamed. When we bought the house we thought we’d live in it for a while before deciding what to do. We’ve been here a little over 2 years! Last October just as we were getting people in to talk design and give us quotes Wal was notified that his company was going to be sold and he was possibly going to be made redundant. We have lived under that threat for 12 month.  So as you can imagine we put a hold on all major remodling plans- and you can’t get more major than a kitchen remodel!  So when the Tots100 and announced their competition I started dreaming again.  Below are the key items I would love for my kitchen diner.

our original plan was to knock through the double sided fireplace that the kitchen and dinning room share… that was until we got a quote for £20k and then we decided to keep it. So our idea is to knock through on either side of the fireplace. It won’t give us the open airy feel of a true dinner kitchen but I think it will still work.  Under the big window I mentioned before would go that lovely window seat w/ some shutters for a little privacy.  On the back wall of the morning room where we have a empty wall I would put a big pantry until.  The breakfast bar would replace the one that is currently there. I would move it a bit further into the morning room and make it a bit larger. This would help integrate the morning room and kitchen and make it feel a bit more like one room. Some fun things I’d like to add to the space is colourful chairs and I love the idea of a chalkboard wall. We’ve kicked around the idea of painting the fireplace w/ chalkboard paint. I also like the idea of putting a “skin” around the chimney breast where we could add those drink cylinders like the picture above. The skin would then be painted w/ chalkboard paint. The kitchen has had 2 extensions and no one ever bothered to make sure the floor was level.  We’d need a way to fix that, self levelling concrete? The floor in the kitchen would then be a laminate flooring, I like the type that looks like slate. Cheap, easy to clean and things won’t shatter into a gazillion pieces when they fall on the floor. In the morning room and dining areas we’d sand and varnish the existing floor. renovation


  1. October 16, 2012 /

    some lovely ideas! Not nice to have the unknown hanging over you, know that feeling! Good luck with the competition! x

    • Lindy
      October 18, 2012 /

      I think that is the most difficult part- the unknown! We had lived here a year and got a feel how we lived in the house, I got a couple of people in. The dream of a new kitchen was going to come true and then bam! It’s been a years of yes going to be made redundant eeeeh nope going to keep you on oops never mind ooooh yes maybe we can transfer you to a different division…. Aargh! At this point I just want KNOW you know?