Weight Watchers Wednesday

Weight loss this week: -1 Total weight loss: 42

Hurrah a loss this week! I was very very pleased as I tried really hard to stick eating just my points. No snacking unless it was fruit or Weight Watchers pointed snacks and it worked! LOL I know it works I’ve lost 40+ lbs on Weight Watchers so I know it works.  The other day I had an epiphany regarding my recent struggles.  Are you ready for it?  I’m happy. It’s that simple. I am not at my healthy BMI yet and I really truly want to lose another 20 lbs- that’s 10 more lbs than my official goal weight. So you would think WHOA! 20 lbs to lose and she’s happy? Well, yes I am. I’m wearing a size 12 jeans (granted they’re stretchy jeans but they’re still SIZE 12!)  It’s difficult for me to lose weight when I feel good and people are telling me I look good. So I’ve lost my motivation. I’m not going to give up but it’s just making it 10 times harder!  This week I increased my activity level- can’t say I exercised because that would be a lie but I have walked more and that has to count for something.

I’m also  reassess my snacking. As I’ve said here hundreds of times I am a nibbler. A snacker. A midnight muncher… OK so that last one isn’t really true I don’t munch at midnight!  In an attempt to work with how I snack I have started making big pots of 0 propoint veggie soup. I add a large bag of spinach and watercress at the very end to boost up the vitamin levels and I can eat with abandon.  The way I see it, if I fill up on the soup then I can have a bag of Weight Watchers crisps or a Weight Watchers cereal bar depending if I want sweet or savoury.  We shall see if I can stick with it.  I was given some of these in my hamper a few weeks ago. OMGaaaah they’er delicious!  They really are packed w/ flavour so a little bit goes a long way. Also because they’re in individual size bags you can eat the whole thing and not worry about portion size.  I’m trying to stick to one of these a day!


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  1. maria
    October 23, 2012 /

    You and my friend Tevis are really inspiring me to join.. Wish I had the discipline on my own.. Love your success. I think once you start lecturing you will be motivated again.. and one bag a day!! awesome!! Chips are chips and if they are as yummy as you say,…bring on the soup!!