New adventures coming my way


It’s been a little while since I wrote on this here old blog! Sorry for disappearing for a bit but I have exciting news… although I might have mentioned it before.  I got a job! Yay! Gooooo Meeeee!  OK so I might be a little bit excited about it but it’s only because right now in this point in my life it’s just what I need.  I’m a trainee Weight Watchers leader!!  I went away this weekend for a training w/ 24 other trainee leaders, we’re calling ourselves the Birmingham 25.  I  know, I know we’re dorks!

It was intense and there might have been some weeping.  I won’t say whose (mine) but it was all good. I found it to be a lovely experience. I mean come on put 24 women and 1 man together and things could have gotten ugly… fast!

So there you go- I am officially trained up and on this new exciting journey!  2 days after the weekend training I had my first Meeting Delivery Practice (MDP) in front of real life paying members. I was nervous but I got good feedback. I need to slow down a bit and ask a few more questions. My next MDP is on the 21- eeek! sooooo nervous!

Soooo what else has been happening? I’m taking on more work w/ my Flea Inc. job. I love that the EO trusts me to do a good job and that if she gives it to me I’ll do it.  I love the flexibility of the job. Here’s to more work!  Speaking of work Wal is officially out of one on the 21!!  Then he starts his “new” one which is really his old one but as a contractor about a month later. He will have 2 main “clients” his old company in the US and one of his old customers who wants him to do work for them but they can’t afford to take him on full time. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this works out. The way we’re looking at it is nothing ventured nothing gained.

Oh we’re buying me a car! I know you’re wondering what the hell?!?! Why now but now is when I need one. With my new job I’ll need to drive to meetings and Wal will still be working.  I’ve narrowed down what I want just hoping we can get one for a good price/low miles.

In  more shocking news we’re moving ahead w/ the kitchen remodel! Getting kitchen folks back in to draw up plans and talk money. We’re hoping for a start date in January!  I’ve “drawn” up some plans on graph paper and will post that on here soon!

So that’s me for the last couple of weeks… how’s you??


  1. maria
    November 15, 2012 /

    how exciting! I get that all the time, too. speaking too quickly. In your brain you sound like you are special but if you concentrate on your words..kind of visualize them then you are going slow enough :0) I hope you like the pay and perks, etc. I would love to go to your meeting.. :0) Great news about Wal.. Good luck with the car search.. I don’t know what your flea, inc job is..I might have missed it in your blog posts.. Esme looks so grown up in her assembly pics. At first I thought she was the ‘other’ girl.. 😉 Do you have to be at goal to speak?

  2. November 15, 2012 /

    Very exciting. I wish you all the best for the future and I am sure you will be a fantastic leader

  3. November 18, 2012 /

    All sounds very positive – hope everything works out well for Wal with the change to contracting 🙂