What does Christmas mean to you?

I was tagged by Sally over at Who’s the mummy? She’s asked me What does Christmas mean to me?

So I guess the question needs to be answered in a paragraph, here goes nothing!
The meaning of Christmas has changed as I’ve grown older(up) so this might not be as easy as I thought. It’s a small quiet affair and much much different from the loud, boisterous, frantic Christmases of my childhood. It’s just us 3 on Christmas morning. Gone are the days of getting drunk while going from house to house visiting family members and then heading off to midnight Mass feeling a bit tipsy.  Then I moved to South Carolina and my Christmases became about travelling long distances to be with family. Only problem was I felt displaced, like a refugee. I was back “home” but I no longer had a home there. It was an odd feeling and I remember looking at my best friends family and wishing I had a pod (this was around the time I had watched Free Wily and I really related to that stupid pod-less whale!) of my own. So Christmas to me is my pod. I don’t care what we do, but we do it together in our home. You will never find us travelling for Christmas, I never want to feel like a refugee again this time of year. I don’t have any family here so we’re had to make out own traditions. We always head over to Delamere Forest to chose our tree. We always make mince pies for Father Christmas, although this year Squidge has asked if we can bake cookies. We always buy new festive jimjams to wear Christmas eve. Christmas is me wanting to murder Simon until he finally gets into the festive spritit, usually around 3pm on Christmas eve, by playing Wizard. Our Chrismases are quiet, laid back and instead of a catholic mass I attend an anglican service. Then back to the house to cook before the in-laws arrive. We go for walks, eat lots of food, listen to the Queen’s speech. I love my little pod and I’m happy we have our own traditions.

Well that’s what Christmas means to me. It’s not fancy or glamourous but it’s my Christmas and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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    Sounds lovely. Hope you have a great Christmas with your pod this year. Thanks for the tag 🙂